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Message from the president

Welcome to the website of ERCM CO., Ltd

It has been passed more than 20 years after the “bubble economy” was collapsed, but there are still confusion and slackening in the politics, economy, financing, industry and social structure in Japan. In addition, natural disasters, the big earthquake occurred in the eastern part of Japan, the accident in the Fukushima nuclear power station and the waste management are becoming major problems in recent years.We can say that a fundamental “revolution” is required instead of minor changes.

Our company has been established to promote and disseminate the ERCM technology which is a next generation waste management system in order to contribute to environmental protection. ERCM is a eco-friendly revolutional waste management technology nobody has ever thought of.

We are trying to pursue our roll to contribute to the establishment of social infrastructures associated with waste management all over the world.

We hope to have your sincere supports and advises.
Sachito Okamoto

Company profile
Company name
ERCM Co., Ltd.
Address Head office
1879-386 Nagasu, Kashima-city, Ibaraki 314-0022, Japan
TEL:0299(82)9032  FAX:0299(83)5717

CEO President Sachito Okamoto
Date of establishment April 1, 2013
Capital 10 million Japanese Yen
Correspondent bank Kashima branch of Joyo Bank

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 1879-386 Nagasu, Kashima-city, IBARAKI, 314-0022 Japan